Grass-Fed Beef Deposit


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Grass Fed Beef Deposit

Interested in buying a Whole, Half or Quarter of a cow?

We are currently taking orders for October Processing.

We sell it by the pound of carcass hanging weight.  We charge $4.75 per lb and our USDA inspected processor charges $.50/ lb for processing, cutting and packaging. This charge is for a standard cut list.  Additional charges apply for sausages and additional services.


If you are unfamiliar with the process, Hanging Weight is the carcass weight with the head, hide, and internals removed. We dry age our beef for 7 days.  You will get approximately 52-58% in retail cuts. That will include 25% steak, 50% ground and 25% in other cuts like roast, cube steak, stew meat, phily steak, Etc. You may also include bones, organs, head, tongue and cheeks if you like. We strive to utilize 90% of the carcass.


Average cost per quarter beef is $750 with the range between $600-800.

We collect a $200 non-refundable deposit that is applied to your total. Balance is due when the animal is delivered to the processor.  Your order will be ready approximately two weeks later.


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